The Story of Rusty Seeds

In 2015, we bought our first duplex in North Buffalo. We lived in the top and rented out the bottom to this cool cyclist we knew. We really liked taking care of this property and we liked being landlords. Slowly, we bought more houses. As we did this, we began to understand Buffalo neighborhoods and Buffalo houses better and better. Soon, we had homes in North Buffalo, Allentown and Five Points. Each of our homes caters to different kind of tenants. Some people love big backyards. Others like to be really close to nightlife. We have lived in a couple of the homes we bought, but all of them, we try our very best to maintain as if we did live there. We like things to look friendly and environmental.

We hope that, if you are looking for an apartment, you will become a steward of the land and the house. Many of the homes are from the 1900s. They require love and care. Buffalo is a secret. It is a beautiful city and our aim is to find houses that we love and keep them in good condition so that our tenants will feel at home. Happy tenants make us happy too.

What We Believe

Communities should be maintained. Neighborhoods are important. We actively cultivate friendships with neighbors. We know Buffalo has a long and beautiful immigrant history and we think that difference and diversity is essential to thriving communities. 

 It is Our Responsibility to Take Care of the Environment

We constantly are looking for ways to make green economies thrive. How can we take care of land, build on it and share it with other people and in doing so create a healthier environment? Part of what we love about real estate is to welcome strangers into our home and to share new environmental ideas with them. We love exploring ideas about container homes, tiny houses, compost toilets, and solar power. How can we create a business that optimizes these ideas? And, we are always looking for mentors who know more than us, so please never hesitate to send us an e-mail, comment on our Facebook or Instagram and share your knowledge! We are not experts, just passionate explorers. 

Buffalo is Blooming!

Buffalo is in a renaissance. New people are moving in (check the 2020 census report!) We are growing and developing. We are a city of light. We are a city of artists and entrepreneurs. There are still so many problems left to solve, but we believe that by talking on front porches, sharing sprigs of mint or homemade desserts, we can learn from one another. Buffalo is a completely magical city where people from all over the place can find their home. We want to be a small part of your story. If our houses can provide you with comfort and safety at the end of the day and you feel that can relax and cook and live happily, then we feel we have done our part. We truly love this work and we work hard to make these projects special. We hope you will love these spaces as much as we do.