Welcome to Commonwealth.

Commonwealth is a duplex in North Buffalo. It is clean, spacious and modern. From Commonwealth house, you can walk to nearby Hertel quite easily.
The lower apartment is a two bedroom. The master bedroom is fairly large as it used to be two individual bedrooms. It has a living room, plus a sunroom which has gorgeous afternoon light.

The upper apartment is a three bedroom (but the same square footage as the lower). Instead of a sunroom, like the lower, the upper has a

beautiful deck which is perfect for summer grilling or people watching. 

Both apartments have stainless steel appliances: dishwasher, gas oven and microwaves. 

There is off-street parking available for at least one car. We can talk to you more about this.

The backyard of Commonwealth is a grassy lawn that would be ideal for sunbathing or reading a book in a more natural space. 

The lower apartment is currently available, please reach out to us if you’d like to fill out the survey and apply.


North Buffalo is a thriving community. There are bars and restaurants located all along Hertel: from delicious burritos at Llyod’s to an elegant wine at The Little Club, Hertel is fun for going on dates, meeting friends, or just walking around and stopping in at Spot Coffee or seeing a movie at the beautifully restored North Park Theatre.



Built in early 1900s


2 & 3 Bedroom

A Real Estate Company that is Tenant Focused.

We enjoy being landlords and take great measures to provide our tenants with quality service. We are responsive and quickly resolve problems.  

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In addition to having city real estate, we started an off grid project in the Finger Lakes. Follow our process as we figure out what to build!

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