Welcome to Fairchild House.

Nestled in the vibrant Hertel neighborhood, Fairchild House is a city duplex with the feel of a quiet home.

Both the upper and lower apartments are nearly identical and both feature expansive front porches for barbecues or sitting outside. Each apartment also has a dishwasher, coffee bar and wooden floors throughout.

In the back of Fairchild is a small xeri-scaped backyard that you are welcome to plant vegetables or herbs in.

Soothing Greys & Real Hardwood Floors.

There’s nothing like walking on hardwood floors. We fell in love with this apartment, partly because of these floors and this kitchen. It’s an open concept so the apartment feels spacious and clean. 

Tucked off the kitchen are two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is a closet in the hallway for storage and a closet in the rear bedroom. 


The Kitchen.

This apartment features granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. There are coffee shop drop lights that allow for a cozy morning or evening mood while you drink your espresso or have a glass of wine while cooking and chatting. 

Built in 1910


2 Bedroom

The City of Good Neighbors

Fairchild Street is a lovely community of people. You will most likely meet your neighbors when you move in. We used to live here and on our first day, our neighbor, Al, came over with two cold Heinekens and introduced himself. He is a friendly and helpful neighbor.

A Real Estate Company that is Tenant Focused.

We enjoy being landlords and take great measures to provide our tenants with quality service. We are responsive and solve problems quickly. 

Nearby Restaurants & Attractions
Spot Coffee
Lexington Co-Op
Mes Que
North Park Theatre
The Public House


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