Welcome to Vermont Street.

Is this an Icelandic art museum or an apartment in Buffalo, NY? Vermont is our sexiest, most stylish house.  It boasts sleek conveniences like washers and dryers in each apartment, dishwashers, and even Bluetooth capabilities for the bathroom speakers. There is a really lovely porch for each apartment and a shared backyard. The lower apartment has French doors that open onto a deck.

If you like modern and stylish spaces, Vermont is for you.


Bike Around

Five Points

Buffalo is a pretty easy city to bike around, especially in the summer.  That’s why Vincent built a bike rack in the back of Vermont. Here you can lock your bike and then also lock the gate to the backyard. This allows you to take an environmental alternative to cars and to check out all of Buffalo’s awesome breweries, museums and restaurants. 


 The Five Points neighborhood is totally unique in Buffalo because it houses people from many different cultures. Walking around, you will undoubtedly have people wave to you and say hello. 

There is growth in the neighborhood as businesses begin to create a community with the nearby homes. Five Points Bakery was a pioneer of this community mindset.

Built in 1905


2 Bedroom

All It Takes is a Seed

We do our own landscaping and we like to plant sunflowers at Vermont. Sunflowers bring happiness to those who see them. When they bloom, we feel happy. This year, we grew all of our sunflowers from seeds. It became a metaphor for our company. It just started with one idea and then blossoming into something much larger. 

A Small

Real Estate Company that is Tenant Focused.

We enjoy being landlords and take great measures to provide our tenants with quality service. We are responsive and resolve problems quickly.  

Nearby Restaurants & AttractionsFive Points Bakery
Black Monarchy
Remedy House
Providence Social
Essex Pub
Left Bank
Paradise Wine

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