Rusty Seeds, LLC.

The Story of our Apartments

In 2015, we bought our first duplex in North Buffalo. We lived in the top and rented out the bottom to this cool, cyclist we knew. We really liked taking care of this property and we liked being landlords. Slowly, we bought more houses. As we did this, we began to understand Buffalo neighborhoods and Buffalo houses better and better. Soon, we had homes in North Buffalo, Allentown and Five Points. Each of our homes caters to different kind of tenants. Some people love big backyards. Others like to be really close to nightlife. We have lived in a couple of the homes we bought, but all of them, we try our very best to maintain as if we did live there. We like things to look friendly and environmental.

We hope that, if you are looking for an apartment, you will become a steward of the land and the house. Many of the homes are from the 1900s. They require love and care. Buffalo is a secret. It is a beautiful city and our aim is to find houses that we love and keep them in good condition so that our tenants will feel at home. Happy tenants make us happy too.



Feel free to send us an e-mail if you are looking for an apartment. Currently, none of ours are available but we have real estate friends who often have places available.